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What are mental filters (Negative Aspects)?

Negative thought patterns that force us to focus on the negative aspects and filter out the positive ones, creating a gloomy version of reality.

Coming up with worst-case scenarios, and exaggerating difficult situation.
Ex- My boyfriend said we need to talk. I am sure he is breaking up with me.

Emotional Reasoning
Presuming that what you are thinking and feeling is how reality actually is.
Ex- I feel like i am not good enough, so i must be useless.

Mind Reading
Making assumptions about someone else's thoughts and motivations, without sufficient proof.
Ex- He didn't reply to my text instantly, so that must mean he is not interested in me anymore.

Jumping to Conclusions
Assuming and getting worried about things that might happen in the future, without proper evidence.
Ex- I don't have technical knowledge, so i will neve be able to do any coding.

Drawing broad conclusions about something or someone on the basis of one incident.
Ex- I got really drunk at the party, so i must be an alcoholic.

Taking things that are not connected to you personally, & holding yourself responsible for things that were not caused by you.
Ex-My daughter got a really low grade on literate. it's my fault that she didn't study properly.

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