7 things you don't know about guilt.

A pang of guilt can be defined as emotional distress in which a person feels painful emotions towards what he/she can be responsible for something wrong that happened. One study found that we experience 5 hours a week feeling guilty.

A person can be said to be in guilt when they start having low self-esteem and start being sensitive towards every action done and every word spoken. When any of the actions performed hurt a person physically, mentally or emotionally then the person might experience the feeling of "GUILT". Guilt can not seem to be a very big issue but it can take a person's mind to the bottom on a healthier mind scale. Therefore, we must learn the following surprising facts about guilt:-

  1. Guilt can win over productivity:
  2. when a mind full of guilt competes despite a healthy mind it is found that productivity, creativity and the efficiency of the mind is lesser as compared to a healthy mind. Guilt slowly starts degrading your performances everywhere. It is not seen but it's like a bug in your system(body) which can damage your device (brain).

  3. Guilt makes us not choose social life:
  4. Guilt is seen to be a very continuous beeping alarm that is continuously beeping in your subconscious mind, which can push you to be distant from the people to fight with that guilt thought running behind. A study over college students shows that a group of student who was not in guilt chooses to movie DVDs and music downloads on the other side the other group who was guilty are choosing to school supplies. Guilty thus stops us from choosing social gatherings which include celebrations or parties. Not only up to this it can also cause severe damages to a person's social life.

  5. Guilt makes us avoid a person or place which can remind him\her of that guilt:
  6. People try to avoid the person or place who they had done wrong. They try to escape and not to face the things which can remind them of their guilt. They not only start to avoid a person they also start to avoid those places from where there is a chance of collecting that memory of guilt.

  7. Guilt can cause anxiety and depression:
  8. A person who carries guilt for a longer duration of time that guilt is then being transcribed into toxic guilt where aperson starts facing irritability and can also start to face anxiety and even depression. They lose interest in every kind of activity and among the group of a person and start isolating themselves to hide their anxiety and depression.

  9. Guilt can make you realize you are wrong everywhere, even if you are not:
  10. Guilt is a kind of a conditioned emotion i.e when a person comes to know he or she had done something against their beliefs they start finding mental conflicts between their beliefs, and their actions. The person when in conflict came to realize the feeling of guilt they started realizing themselves as a wrongdoer and starts believing and finding their faults in every wrong thing that happened.

  11. Guilt saves relationships too:
  12. It's hard to believe how it can save any relations? It's funny but as everything has some positive sides too, guilt has the same. A person's fear of guilt can make us remember important dates and activities. So, guilt here works as a signal until that action is performed thus it's a major saviour of relationships.

  13. Guilt can make you self- punish:
  14. The inflicting of punishment on oneself is a common tendency observed in a guilty person. We may unconsciously start punishing ourselves for the sins or wrongs we have done to anybody. We started becoming harsh to ourselves despite identifying the mistake, analysing the situation and accepting what happened wrong and learning and moving ahead from these guilt trips.

" Acceptance is the key to get out from guilt trips "to save ourselves from not drowning in a black hole of our well of guilt. It's necessary for every human being to understand - A mistake can be made by anyone. It's we who are normal humans and it's not our task to die in that guilt and worsen everything from our thoughts. It's better to learn and move ahead by acceptance

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